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Want the right air conditioning system installed quickly, without upheaval, at a competitive price?

Air conditioning is a great way to manage the temperature, movement, humidity and cleanliness of air inside a building. It will cool in the summer months and heat in the winter, providing all year round climate control. There is a vast range of commercial systems available so expert and independent advice from our engineers is essential. We work closely with the all the leading manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Daikin and Toshiba. There really is no substitute for practical experience. Our indepth understanding of the latest air conditioning products and technologies combine with an appreciation of 'real life' capabilities. We know what products suit which applications best. We will complete a full buildings survey and, in detail, recommend the ideal solution for your premises. Your quotation will be competitive and contain no "hidden" extras.

Typical systems

Split air conditioning

The most familiar form of installed commercial air conditioning, "split" systems are so called because they comprise an indoor unit (mounted on a wall, ceiling or floor) which recirculates the air in the room, cooling it and heating it to your requirements. The indoor unit is linked to an outdoor unit (condenser), by a pair of small diameter copper pipes contained in an insulating jacket. The heat removed from the room is dissipated to the atmosphere by the outdoor condenser. When heat is required, the system will run in reverse, taking heat from the outdoor condenser and transferring it to the indoor unit.

Multi-split air conditioning

Operating in the same way as the "split" system, the "multi-split" system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor condenser. This system offers an ideal way to treat a number of areas whilst minimizing the space required for outdoor units.

VRF systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the most modern and sophisticated development of the "split" systems. Up to fifty indoor units can be connected to a single large outdoor condenser. The outdoor condenser is constructed to respond proportionately to the number of indoor units operating, each being controlled for heat or cool. This is the ultimate in flexibility. Individual indoor unit temperature can be changed independently, allowing personal choice as indoor and outdoor conditions change. The VRF system offers a year round solution to indoor climate control with unrivalled flexibility and energy efficiency.

The latest technology harnessed for greater energy efficiency

Our HVAC engineers are experts in all the latest technologies which will assist in delivering you the best performance and energy efficiency. By example:

Inverter technology, which works by varying the condenser speed so as to match the demand for cooling or heating. The resultantenergy savings over a fixed speed system operating at 100% capacity all the time are substantial. 
Heat recovery, which works by redirecting heat or cool from areas where it is not wanted and putting it where it is wanted; a common need in many buildings. 
Close Temperature Control for areas such as server rooms and laboratories which require specific control of temperature and humidity with low starting and running currents controlled by your IT network.

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